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2x Distilling Copper Mesh Packing Scrubber / Scourer

2x Distilling Copper Mesh Packing Scrubber / Scourer


*Registered Postage Australia Wide
*International Postage Cost Will Vary

Ideal packing for pot or reflux stills to enable the release of sulphides. This is made from pure lead free copper.

Please see below for a full description of the product:

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*Registered Postage Australia Wide
*International Postage Cost Will Vary


Every home brewer/distiller needs a quality scrubber/scourer. This mesh scourer is made from pure lead free copper, the knitted mesh is designed as not to scratch equipment when cleaning and helps to remove tough grime. Ideal packing for pot or reflux stills as it enables the release of sulphides. The mesh scourer is sold in packs of two.

Upkeep & Maintenance

Please be aware that the formation of a copper oxide layer occurs naturally when copper is exposed to air and is sped up when water or ions within the wash for example are deposited on the surface of the copper. This is usually quite easy to clean at home given that permanent damage to the copper (corrosion) hasn’t already set in. To clean the scrubbers yourself you can simply add a few table spoons of salt to the affected areas of the copper and then submerge the scrubber in vinegar or lemon juice. The combination of salt and the acid will break down the copper oxide layer revealing the copper underneath.
We also highly suggest that our customers add distillation of a vinegar wash to their cleaning schedule. This is as simple as making up a 50:50 vinegar:water, distilling this as you would a normal sugar wash. If this is done regularly it will minimise the build up of a copper oxide layer on the copper.

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