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Euro Fireplaces – Falun Wood Heater

Euro Fireplaces – Falun Wood Heater


*FREE Local Delivery to within a 100km radius of Wangaratta
*Registered Postage Australia Wide
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The Falun provides an ultra-low wood consumption yet efficient clean burn. It vies with the Andorra Exclusive for Euro Fireplaces most popular model each and every year. Easy to operate the heater produces instant warmth after lighting, and powerful natural convection will distribute air quickly throughout your house.

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Euro Fireplaces – Falun Wood Heater

*FREE Local Delivery to within a 100km radius of Wangaratta
*Registered Postage Australia Wide
*International Postage UNAVAILABLE for this item

About Euro Fireplaces:

Designed and manufactured in Europe, Euro Fireplaces are optimised for both Australian wood and heating conditions. Operating by natural convection, they are the most efficient method of wood heating. A correctly used Euro Fireplace will reduce wood usage by up to 60% compared to a traditional Australian wood heater. Convection allows Euro Fireplaces to gently move warm air throughout your house without the need for an electric fan.This is aided by heat bank in form of ceramic or soapstone finish as well as optional additional heat storage bricks; these will retain heat for many hours even after the fire has gone out, providing a clean, prolonged burn. A fresh air intake system, available on most Euro Fireplaces, allows the heater to draw air needed for combustion from outside, resulting in an even more efficient burn that does not rely on oxygen from inside the house.The future Australian target for wood heating emissions is below 1.5 grams per kilogram of wood burned. Currently available, Euro Fireplaces range from as low as 0.4 to 1.5 grams. Across the board, the efficiency of a Euro Fireplace is very high, sitting at around 70%. Using the latest in wood heating technology, a Euro Fireplace burns clean and efficiently with minimal wood usage. It truly is the future of wood heating.

Ignite Atmosphere in Any Room:

Using the process of natural convection, our heaters are able to create an airflow that can reach far into a home without assistance of a fan. As well as this, a Euro Fireplace adds more than designer looks and gentle warmth to your room; their European design helps meet a 6 plus star rating, which means longer lasting, clean heat from less wood. Natural Convection occurs through a double skin in the fireplace, drawing in cold air through the bottom and heating it up. The hot air is circulated out through the top of the double skin and into the room, creating a cycle. This cycle will be as large as the area the air can physically access, and can reach into multiple rooms to heat your whole house.

Cleaner Combustion:

Euro fireplaces produce a cleaner heat which is a beautiful thing to watch and the secret is in the design. Each Euro fireplace features a combustion chamber with a strong steel casing and a cast iron grate, shaped for optimised airflow, which provides superior combustion. The fireplace is also fit with Vermiculite lining and panels. Vermiculite panels insulate the combustion chamber, reflecting heat so your room is warmed more effectively. The panels help sustain high burning temperatures, increasing burning efficiency while decreasing carbon emissions.

User Friendly:

  • An elevated fire box makes stoking easier, while providing an enhanced view of your fire.
  • There are a range of non-toxic designer coatings, finishes and colours that add a wow factor and can effortlessly complement your existing palette.
  • Clean burning reduces messy ash and the need to regularly polish your viewing window.

There is optimised regulation of combustion air. The controlled regulation of combustion air means only one or two logs are required for maximum heat output. To make the lighting and operation of your Euro Fireplace effortless, the supply and regulation of combustion air is facilitated by a simple control mechanism. Both primary and secondary air are controlled by one or two regulators depending on the heater (refer to the operation manual) and are optimised for performance and efficiency. The primary air is used when lighting your fire. The secondary air is used once your fire is established, simply switch to this method of air supply and it will help to regulate the rate of combustion as well as creating an air wash that will keep the glass clean.

Environmentally & Economically Friendly:

Euro Fireplaces deliver high efficiency rates and very low emissions, between 0.4 and 1.5 grams. Natural convection combined with radiant heat eliminates the need for electricity and reduces wood consumption. The high efficiency means that you will burn less wood using a Euro Fireplace than with a traditional wood heater, meaning saving on wood costs of up to 60%. All of our units are tested to Australian Standards by HRL Technology and ASFT, as well as being internationally certified to the highest environmental and quality standards.

Heat Bank Technology:

Heat bank is an option addition to many Euro Fireplaces and provides continued convection heat overnight. Refractory concrete panels are placed inside the unit, and store heat as the fire burns over several hours. Overnight, when the fire is burning slowly or has gone out, the panels release the stored heat in order to continue warming your home. In many cases this negates the need to burn overnight.

Fresh Air Intake:

A fresh air intake allows the heater to draw oxygen required for combustion from outside your home. This maintains the air quality inside the house, as well as allowing the heater to achieve a greater draw. We recommend connecting the fresh air intake in all high star rated houses.

Seamless Designs:

Euro Fireplaces have stunning freestanding showpieces. Some models can also be used in an existing open fireplace, transforming in into an ultra-modern and efficient heater. We have different sizes of firebox to suit different homes and cavities.

Product Description:

The Falun provides an ultra-low wood consumption yet efficient clean burn. The Falun is rivaled only by the Andorra Exclusive for Euro Fireplaces most popular model each and every year. Easy to operate, the heater produces instant warmth after lighting, and powerful natural convection will distribute air quickly throughout your house. Prolonged burning is achieved with slightly larger well seasoned logs, giving the heater just enough airflow to burn long, clean and efficiently.

  • Firebox Type: Falun
  • Colours: Black or Burgundy
  • Dimensions (mm): (H) 1020 (W) 549 x (D) 390
  • Weight: 100kg + 10kg (Optional Heatbank)
  • Output Range: 4-12kW
  • Heating Capacity: 170sqm to 240sqm
  • Efficiency AUS/EU: 72% / 82%
  • Wood Consumption at medium burn rate: 1.8kg/hr
  • Finish: Steel
    ** The Falun is also available in a ceramic and soapstone finish. Ceramic can be viewed here and Soapstone can be viewed here
  • Flue Size/Outlet/Length: 145mm/Top/4.05m
  • External Air Supply: Yes (100mm)
  • Log Size: Approximately 33cm
  • Clearance – Back/Side/Corner Type: 250mm/300mm/250mm
  • Heat Bank (Ceramics or Stone): No
  • Heat Bank (Refractory Concrete): Available
  • Warranty: 5 Years Manufacturers
  • Emissions: 1.3 grams
  • Ember Retention with Heat Bank: 6 hours +
  • Ember Retention without Heat Bank: 5 hours +


  • 2020 Catalogue – Click here
  • Operation Manual & Installation Guide – Click here
  • Burning Guide – Falun, Andorra & Buller – Click here

Additional Items for this Fireplace:

  • Falun 4m Basic Flue Install Kit (Recommended for Freestanding Fireplaces)
  • Basic Install by a Registered Local Plumber
  • Flashing (Installed to prevent the passage of water into a structure from a joint or as part of a weather resistant barrier system)
    – Metal Flashing (For Metal Roofs)
    – Tile Flashing (For Tiled Roofs)
  • Falun Concrete Heat Bank (Optional)
  • Hearth Granite (Optional)
  • Hearth Concrete (Optional) (Our concrete hearth option has not been added in the variations as they are made to order to suit the customers specific needs, if you would like a quote on these hearths please contact us directly)
  • Fresh Air Intake Kit (Optional)

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