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Smokey Joes Top 12 Rub Collection

Smokey Joes Top 12 Rub Collection


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We have compiled Smokey Joes Top 12 Rubs into one collection. The perfect pack to cover all meat types and tastes. Includes: Espresso, Firecracker, Gunpowder, Honey Hog, Korean BBQ, Outback, Pixie Dust, Rooster, SPG, Texan, Cuban and Chipotle & Lime.

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Smokey Joes Top 12 Rub Collection

*Registered Postage Australia Wide
*International Postage UNAVAILABLE for this item

Company Information:

Smokey Joe takes great care in sourcing local, organic, sustainable, socially conscious ingredients whenever possible that will take your cooking to the next level.

With a love of all things food and barbeque, they have developed a range of  all natural herb and spice mixes personally blended and packed by Joe, which can be used in a wide variety of ways on a variety of foods. Joe believes that anyone can cook incredible food at home that’s just as delicious as eating out and that herbs and spices are the foundation of flavour and great tasting food.

Smokey Joes blends make it so easy to cook delicious, healthy flavourful meals every single day. Effortlessly transform any dish from boring  to amazing with Smokey Joe’s rubs range of herb and spice blends. Above all, Smokey Joe’s values are grounded in quality, honesty and purity. with no preservatives, anti-caking or bulking agents, artificial flavouring or colouring whatsoever, just pure flavour.


We have compiled Smokey Joes Top 12 Rubs into one collection. The perfect pack to cover all meat types and tastes.


  • Espresso Rub – 160gms – A blend suitable for smoking, reverse searing or grilling beef especially good on brisket & tri-tip, with a base of freshly ground coffee beans, a hint of cocoa, paprika, cracked pepper and cocoa. Created for brisket, tomahawk steaks, rib eye and all beef cuts.
  • Firecracker Rub – 190gms – Not for the faint hearted, this rub is made with 3 different heat sources, blended with smokey paprika, pepper and a select group of herbs. A perfect rub for wings or ribs if your wanting something that will bite you back.
  • Gunpowder Rub – 200gms –  This unique black rub with lake deborah salt, black pepper, cocoa, cayenne for some slight heat along with some subtle sweet spices and activated coconut charcoal. This rub will create an amazing bark and produce an outstanding flavour.
  • Honey Hog Rub – 190gms – This rub was created especially for chicken and pork, with its sweet subtle flavours blended with Australian Honey, it will enhance your cook and produces and amazing colour.
  • Korean BBQ – 140gms – Smokey Joe’s Korean BBQ Rub is made with traditional Gochugaru (Korean Chilli Flakes). The warm fruity flavour along with the mild chilli heat of these red pepper flakes that is blended with brown sugar, cracked pepper and sesame seeds adds a unique flavour to any dish. A perfect balance of hot and sweet.
  • Outback Rub – 160gms – This bush blend of mountain pepper and lemon myrtle plus a few other key ingredients with a hint of smoke is a flavour sensation that is the perfect accompaniment to most savoury dishes. The bush foods in this blend have been used by our Indigenous Australians for thousands of years, This Australian inspired bush rub mix creates a smokey peppery with a slightly lemon taste, free of artificial additives, fillers and no MSG perfect on any meat either barbecued or low and slow.
  • Pixie Dust Rub – 190gms – Pixie Dust in more than just magic, it’s something so special that it can be used as an all-purpose seasoning on all your meats, poultry, seafood and vegetables, and will add a great flavor to a wide variety of foods, including, of course, pork ribs, beef brisket, and grilled chicken. But a sprinkle can also transform roasted potatoes, air-fried cauliflower, and homemade pita chips.
  • Rooster Rub – 170gms – A good rub should enhance the flavour of the meat without overpowering it. To do this it takes attention to each ingredient and the amount used to strike a balance between the flavours. This chicken rub is a blend of smoked and sweet paprika, herbs, pepper and Joe’s own dried lemon zest designed to bring out a slightly spicy and robust flavour when grilling, barbecuing or roasting.
  • SPG Rub – 210gms – Inspired by the simple Sunday Roast, and the excitement of a big hit with family & friends at your next cookup, this rub is made to deliver a burst of flavour. SPG combines bold flavourful ingredients that create a truly unforgettable, mouthwatering flavour.
  • Texan Rub – 150gms – This traditional style dry rub inspired by one of the undisputed barbecue capitals of the world, try it on all your grilled and smoked meats. It’s most definitely a go to BBQ rub.
  • Cuban Rub – 190gms – This Cuban rub brings all the best spices of the region in one tasty rub. There are layers of fresh citrus & cocoa balanced with a deeper cumin, smoked paprika and a slight chilli hit which really finishes it off nicely.
  • Chipotle & Lime Rub – 170gms – Flavours of smokey chipotle and the kaffir lime go perfect together in this sensational rub suitable for Pork, Chicken, Seafood or Vegetables.

Please see the full range of Smokey Joes Rubs and Joe’s Smoking Guide here: Rub Guide & Smoking Guide

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