Turn up the heat this winter…

Whoa! Who turned off the heat!? The past weeks have been a little on the nippy side, which could mean that the change of season is already in full swing. 

Winter is coming…

But what if, instead of being filled with dread over the early morning bath-robed dash to the toilet, this were instead a time to enjoy the peace, freshness in the air, and homely warmth of your house?

Quality heating is where it’s at. And today, we’re going to show you how to live the dream in a home where, from now on, bath robes and Uggs are blissfully optional…

Tip: How to Keep Your Fireplace Burning All Night

1. Rake the charcoal towards the front of the wood stove. 

Keeping a wood stove burning all night comes down to coal placement. Keeping the coals together in the front of the stove provides a strong heat source to ignite the logs. If you leave coals across the entire bottom of the stove, all of the wood will ignite at once, and this will shorten the burn.

2. Place five to seven large logs in a tight formation behind the coals.

The pieces should be 10-15cm across. Place each piece, one at a time, “East-West” or parallel to the front of the fireplace and behind the coals, pressed to the back of the firebox. As you add more pieces, try to nest them with the earlier pieces as tightly as possible.

When the last pieces go in, the front edge of the forward most piece should be just touching the glowing coals. Do not lay pieces crosswise over one another or place any pieces in a “North-South” (perpendicular to the front) orientation. When stacked this way, the fire can quickly spread to engulf all of the wood, leading to faster burns.

There is no need to add newspaper or kindling. With a glowing coal bed and well-seasoned wood, the fire should start in only a few moments.

3. Shut the door and enjoy!

A few moments after you load the wood in your wood stove it will ignite. The fire will quickly spread over the front layer of wood, and slowly burn towards the back. This all night fire will burn in your wood stove for hours. Learning how to keep a wood stove burning all night is just that easy!

This assumes, of course, that you are equipped with a fireplace capable of delivering well-distributed, efficient heat. And that’s where we come in…

We Know Euro (Fireplaces)

We are authorised dealers for a couple of fantastic fireplace brands – Euro Fireplaces & ADF. Both of these brands pride themselves on offering fireplaces that are super stylish, clean burning, and highly efficient.

So efficient in fact, that a correctly installed and operated Euro Fireplace can reduce wood usage by up to 50% compared to a conventional Australian wood heater! It truly is the future of wood heating.

And there’s a wide range to choose from – built-in or freestanding models.

When it somes to quality fireplaces, we’ve got you covered: 

  • We have an experienced installer ready to assist
  • We service what we sell 
  • We offer free delivery within 100kms! See below for details…

And we’ve made it super easy for you to shop fireplaces from the comfort of your (currently) barely-warm couch. The full range we offer is up on our website, and you can book a showroom viewing (by contacting us) so you can see the quality for yourself. 

Models start from only $1,590, so we have something to suit every budget.

Fireplaces, BBQ’s, Kitchen Supplies, Get it All Delivered!

Remember, everything in our store can be either click-and-collected from our shop on Vincent Road, or delivered to your door for a very reasonable rate.

Locals who rack-up an order over $25 qualify for $5-$10 flat rate postage, or FREE next day delivery over $100*

Our local crew is: 
– Albury – $5
– Alexandra – $10
– Beechworth $5
– Benalla – $10
– Bonnie Doon – $10
– Bright – $5
– Bundalong – $10
– Cheshunt – $5
– Corowa – $5
– Harrietville – $5
– Edi Upper – $5
– Euroa – $10
– Glenrowan – $10
– Greta – $10
– Greta South – $10
– Jamieson – $10
– King Valley $5
– Mansfield – $5
– Merrijig – $10
– Milawa – $5
– Mohyu – $10
– Mooroopna – $10
– Mt Buller – $10
– Mulwala – $10
– Myrtleford – $5
– Oxley – $5
– Peechelba – $5
– Rosewhite – $5
– Rutherglen – $5
– Shepparton – $10
– Tolmie – $10
– Wangaratta – $5
– Whitfield – $5
– Whorouly -$10
– Winton – $10
– Wodonga – – $5
– Yarrawonga – $10
– Yea – $10

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Until our next update, stay warm!

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