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Still Spirits Top Shelf Liqueur Essences

Still Spirits Top Shelf Liqueur Essences


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*Registered Postage Australia Wide
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Still Spirits Liqueur Essences are in the style of the world’s most famous liqueurs, making these liqueurs is simple. You mix your Liqueur Essence with it’s matching Liqueur Base Pack, alcohol, and water.

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Still Spirits Top Shelf Liqueur Essences

*Registered Postage Australia Wide
*International Postage UNAVAILABLE for this item

Company Information:

Still Spirits, the world leader in home distilling products and spirit flavourings.

With the full range of Still Spirits products, you can easily make quality low cost homemade alcohol and turn it into delicious, full flavoured, alcoholic beverages that evoke the taste of far more expensive spirits & liqueurs.


Still Spirits Liqueur Essences are in the style of the world’s most famous liqueurs, making these liqueurs is simple. You mix your Liqueur Essence with it’s matching Liqueur Base Pack, alcohol, and water.

The ideal finished thickness and sweetness of each Liqueur varies and our range of Liqueur Base Packs are matched to each liqueur to give you the perfect finish.

1. Black Sambuca

A vibrant purple liqueur combining distinctive aniseed and delicate liquorice flavours. (Use with base A)

2. White Sambuca

Aniseed based liqueur that is clear to opaque. (Use with base B)

3. Italiano

A gold coloured, sweet Italian liqueur with the flavours of vanilla, aniseed and liquorice. (Use with base C)

4. Cafelua

A coffee based liqueur with a rich, fresh coffee flavour from Mexico. (Use with base C)

5. Candy Shots

A liqueur with a sweet confectionary flavour. (Use with base A)

6. Cherry Brandy

Brandy liqueur with sweet cherry flavour balanced with the almond flavour from the kernel. (Use with base A)

7. Cinnamon Whiskey

A sweet, warming whiskey with a fiery cinnamon hit. (Use with base B)

8. Coconut Rum

Based on white rum and has a strong taste of fresh coconut. (Use with base B)

9. Coffee Maria

A rum based, coffee liqueur popularised in the Carribean (Use with base A)

10. Creme de Menthe

Green liqueur with a clean, refreshing, peppermint flavour. (Use with base A)

11. Dictine

A brandy based herbal liqueur first created by the monk in the middle ages. (Use with base A)

12. Herbal Liqueur

This reddish-brown german style herbal liqueur is typically served at 35% ABV. Best enjoyed extremely cold. (Use with base A)

13. Mango Liqueur

The taste of the tropics, enjoy over ice on a hot day. (Use with base Schnapps )

14. Melon Liqueur

A light green liqueur with a delicate honeydew melon flavour. (Use with base Schnapps )

15. Rum Liqueur

A rum based liqueur with chocolate, caramel and coffee notes. (Use with base C)

16. Honey Spiced Whiskey Liqueur (Scotch Heather)

A honey based whisky liqueur first produced on the isle of skye from an infusion of herbs and spices. (Use with base B)

17. Spiced Whiskey Liqueur (Skyebuie)

A Scottish herbal liqueur based on Whiskey with notes of honey. (Use with base B)

18. Triple Sec

Clear liqueur with a rich, strong and dry citrus orange taste. (Use with base B)

19. Butterscotch Schnapps

Schnapps with the flavour of butterscotch. Also fantastic with Irish cream 50/50 (Use with Schnapps base)

20. Peach Schnapps

Sweet, clear liqueur with a soft flavour and the aroma of fresh peaches. (Use with Schnapps base)

21. Apple Schnapps

Delightfully crisp, just like Granny Smith apples! (Use with Schnapps base)

22. Irish Cream

Whiskey based cream liqueur with a delectable hint of chocolate. (Use with Cream base)

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