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Morgans Home Brew Extract Beer Kits

Morgans Home Brew Extract Beer Kits


*Registered Postage Australia Wide
*International Postage is UNAVAILABLE for this item

Morgans extract kits available in Pacific Ale, Frontier IPA, Blue Mountain Lager, Cortes Cerveza, Dark Ironbark, Golden Sheaf Wheat, Canadian IPA, Australian Draught, Australian Lager & Ginger Beer

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Morgans Home Brew Extract Beer Kits

*Registered Postage Australia Wide
*International Postage is UNAVAILABLE for this item

From Australia, a country known for its love of great beers, comes a range of brewing concentrates of the finest traditional quality. Since 1989 Morgan’s have been synonymous with superior brewing products for the discerning beer drinker. The challenge of creating and enjoying beers carefully brewed by your own hands has its rewards. It’s the acknowledgement by friends, family and fellow brewers that here is a brew of obvious quality, full flavour, distinctive, enjoyable. That’s the feeling of satisfaction you’ll experience with Morgans Home Brew

Pacific Ale:

A classic American West Coast craft style beer. Our Pacific Pale Ale is definitely the real deal.With a refreshing woodsy hop aroma backed up by a crisp clean bite. We recommend dry hopping with your favourite aroma hop Eg, Galaxy, Topaz, Centennial found in our hops listing.
EBC 10,
bitterness 24 IBU

Frontier IPA:

Delivering the beloved hoppy flavour of a traditional IPA but with lower alcohol content so you can create a world class session IPA to enjoy again and again. We recommend dry hopping with your favourite aroma hop Eg, Citra, Cascade, Amerillo found in our hops listing.
EBC 12,
bitterness 29 IBU

Blue Mountain Lager:

A pale refreshing lager with a light pleasing hop bouquet.
EBC 4.5
IBU  25

Cortes Cerveza:

A unique pale Mexican style lager, great with that slice of lime.
EBC: 3.9

Golden Saaz Pilsener:

Golden in colour, lightly hopped, slightly spicy with a distinct Saaz hop aroma. (includes 7g yeast sachet under the lid)
EBC: 4.4 (in 23ltrs)

Ironbark Dark Ale:

A hearty caramel roasted flavor with deep aroma and nutty overtones. Powered up with dark crystal malt.
EBC: 48

Royal Oak Amber Ale:

A smooth full flavour beer in true English style, with a high hop level and light caramel aroma.
EBC: 31

Canadian India Pale Ale:

Kettled in the traditional style of an Indian Pale Ale. Golden in colour and featuring a moderate head with a pleasant hop aroma and a subtle malt sweetness.
EBC: 6.7

Australian Bitter:

A full-flavored brew, gentle in malt character with a full and robust hop bitterness
EBC: 6.7

Australian Draught:

Full flavor beer in a traditional draught style enjoyed across the nation golden in colour with a subtle head.
EBC: 7.4

Australian Lager:

Crisp and bold in flavor with a refreshing clean head and golden colour, a perfect all round beer.
EBC: 6.7

Australian Blonde:

Morgan’s Australian Blonde. Specially formulated lower carb beer that still gives you the full flavour you expect. Perfect for quenching your thirst after a day at the beach.
EBC: 7 (in 23ltrs)

Australian Gold:

A full flavoured mid strength beer for when you’re in charge of the BBQ.
EBC: 5.5 (in 23ltrs)

Australian Old:

Robust flavour with hints of coffee and chocolate balanced perfectly with the light hopping and thick creamy head. Just the drink after a day’s sailing on the harbour.
EBC: 48 (in 23ltrs)

Ginger Beer:

Morgans Ginger beer is an outstanding brew. Formulated with the perfect balance of malted grains and Ginger, this original Morgan s recipe is great summer drink in a tall glass filled with ice or as a mixer with Dark Rum and a slice of lime over ice. Both non alcoholic and alcoholic versions can be made from this Ginger Beer Kit which makes 20 litres.

Apple Cider:

Morgan’s Apple Cider is ALL NATURAL comes in a 1kg can that makes 20 litres of fantastic Apple cider. Perfect for those long hot summer days. The finished Morgan’s Cider will be dry, a bit like 5 Seeds Crisp Apple cider. If you like your cider sweeter then back sweetening will be required. If bottling, a non-fermentable sweetener such as lactose or maltodextrin needs to be used to prevent over carbonation. If kegging and force carbonating with CO2 any sweetener (e.g. apple juice) can be added to taste. The kegged cider must be refrigerated immediately to prevent further fermentation.

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