DIY Workshop Showcase

Ever watched those cooking shows and Think: “I wonder if I could I do that?” (Or WTF are they doing!?!?)

Wonder no longer.

We hold a number of fun, educational, in-house workshops run by industry-trained professionals. And don’t think it’s all about sitting there listening. No, these are hands-on workshops where you’ll be getting dirty smoking, curing, and cutting! They cover a range of topics and are sure to take your lifestyle to a whole new level of awesome.

No matter what background – men, women, young, and old are welcome to these tantalising training sessions that will ensure you’re the life of your next backyard BBQ…

What Workshops, You Ask?

Foodies, farmers, and hunters, rejoice! Learn more about food production and garner more skills you can use at home with topics such as: 

  • Sausage Making
  • Bacon and Kabana
  • Butchery
  • American BBQ
  • Salami
  • Charcuterie
  • Home Brewing
  • And more!

Get in quick! Early bird booking specials are now on.

We only run these classes a couple of times a year so we highly encourage you to book ahead so you don’t miss out.

Hail From A Land Far Away?

Whether you’re just down the road or even if hail from another state, why not make a trip of it and visit our beautiful region? Wangaratta lies right on the Hume FWY and there is so much food, wine, and scenery to enjoy. 

We really are the home of lifestyle transformations in the North East, and think you are going to LOVE learning how to up your game with our workshops. 

Remember, we’ve got a range of culinary supplies that would make a Michelin chef weep with joy, and if you have questions, our experts have got your back. So take your cooking (and lifestyle) to the next level with only the best advice, kitchenware, and leisure products. 

See you at a class soon!

It’s Passata/Preserving & Wine Making Season!

Welcome to 2020. First of all, we hope that you and your family are well after the devastating fires that rocked our nearby neighbourhoods. We hope the remainder of the summer is kind to all.

Despite the unfortunate weather, crops are producing a bounty of flavourful produce that, in some cases, is too much to eat! So why not kick your preserving game into gear?

Let’s take a look at how to take advantage of your abundance with some good ol’ fashioned preserving of these popular local crops…

Got Excess Tomatoes?

‘Tis the season to be preserving, saucing, and turning your abundant harvest into lasting pantry goodies!

Whether you’re jamming, canning, or planning a saucy sensation, we’ve got you covered.

And when it comes to traditional Italian passata, the only way you’ll come close to a creation “just like mama used to make it”, is to use the right equipment. Whether it’s bottles, jars, or presses – we’ve got you covered.

Start Whining!

Well, not literally..

We think that the fruit of your labour is best served in a glass with friends, which is why we stock a comprehensive range of wine-making supplies.

And in addition to a full range of products, we offer FREE pH and alcohol testing, and an equipment hire service for those wanting to test the waters, first. 

It doesn’t matter what level you’re at – we cater to all. So come in to see your local experts in all things wine making and let us make sure your next drop a memorable one – for the right reasons! 

Despite the heat, tomatoes and grapes are ripe for the picking, so be sure to get in while the flavours are ‘bellissimo’, preserving them for lasting enjoyment by all.

Remember, our experts are just a phone call away should you get stuck. That’s why we’re here – to take your cooking (and lifestyle) to the next level with only the best advice, kitchenware, and leisure products for your home. So in 2020, expect to see more news from us, more handy tips, and a growing range of products from your favourite, local,culinary experts. 

Until our next update, Live it up!