DIY Butchery: A Better Quality Eat

As we’re sure you already know, meat prices are going through the roof. This is causing a lot of people to rethink how (and where) they source their meat. And through our strong ties with local hunting groups, we’ve even seen a resurgence in people learning how to process their own animals as was traditionally the way for those on the land. 

We’re long-time believers in the health benefits, quality, and the cost savings that can be gained from home butchery, and many we’ve “mentored” during our time have even turned it into a hobby, not just a money saving exercise. Because there’s enjoyment and satisfaction in becoming the “hunter” – creating and perfecting butchery, sausage making, meat smoking, and other essential skills common to a time before supermarket conveniences…

So let’s dive into our range of home butchery & meat processing supplies that can take you on a journey out of isle 4 to re-connect with the great outdoors…

Butchery Supplies a Cut Above the Rest

Yep, we went there. Gotta love puns!

But seriously, if you need ingredients or supplies to get your meat from paddock to freezer to plate, then look no further. 

  • Packaging
  • Knives and saws
  • Meat slicers and mincers
  • Hooks and gambrels
  • Marinades and seasonings
  • Smoking and curing supplies
  • And much, much more.

And if you don’t know what some of that even is, then you’re in luck…

It doesn’t happen often, but we’ve got a whole animal butchery class coming up on April 11 & 12 where you get to experience the full nose-to-tail butchery of the meat of your choice (24-26 kg of either lamb, beef, or pork) over a comprehensive weekend workshop.

Things you’ll learn are:

  • Knife sharpening and correct equipment selection.
  • Learning the different types of cuts – bacon, sausage, and the best roasting pieces.
  • Sausage making.
  • Bacon and kabana making.
  • Meat smoking.
  • Correct packaging and storage.
  • And more!

All supplies and equipment required for production are included within the class fee.

At the end of the session you’ll take home all of the meat freshly prepared during the class, ready for cooking, refrigerating or freezing in preparation for your next dinner party, barbecue or picnic. You’ll also get a 15% discount on all of our butchery equipment and ingredients, redeemable on the day of the class.

Come learn the ropes with us!

If you’ve ever considered getting your caveman (or woman!) on and trying out the way of the hunter-gatherer, then now is a good time to try. With our upcoming workshop which will introduce you to the craft of butchery, you can get a taste of what it means to eat the meat you’ve run off its feet.

We think you’ll love it.

See you in class!